Friday, October 21, 2016

My 70th Birthday
   This trip of ours was a celebration trip.  The 4 of us, Ron, Nancy, Debby and I are all retired.  Debby retired just this year.  That calls for celebration.  Also, 2016 is the year Debby and I celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversary.   What better place to celebrate than in Europe?  Ron and Nancy celebrate their 46th.  Ron turned 68 on this trip.  And lastly I celebrated my 70th the day after we landed in NYC.
   For me, we celebrated twice.   Friday night, after a full day of sightseeing, my Niece, Andrea Williams, Ron and Nancy and their daughter,, Rhonda, and husband Steve who flew in from Arkansas to welcome their parents, and Debby and I, had a celebration dinner.  My restaurant of choice was Virgil's Barbecue, near Times Square.  It's a good thing we made reservations because that place was BUSY!  The food is very good (again this time).
   My next choice was Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. on Sunday evening.  Our 7:00 PM reservations also came in handy.  Times Square was very crowded!  Gump's was also busy.  Apparently, they normally do not accept reservations, but Debby went in on Saturday,  sweet talked the manager,  and walked away with a reserved window table looking out on Times Square!
   Besides us and thc Pinkerton's, we had Steve 'n Rhonda, Elizabeth Tolon, a good Oregon friend who lives in NY, going to school, and my grand-daughter of the heart, Andrea Beekman.   Andrea is a nurse and lives in Oklahoma City.  It was great having her come all the way to NYC and join our celebration! I felt very special!
   Sunday morning was spent at church at the Manhattan Church of Christ.   Afterwards we took a walk through Central Park, had a hot dog and some roasted peanuts.  Ron took part in a street act put on by 4 or 5 street people looking go make a few bucks in tips.
   We checked out of our apartment around 11:00 the next day.  Ron, Nancy, Steve and Rhonda headed for their respective airports while Deb and I checked in to the Hampton Inn in Brooklyn.  Our flight isn't until tomorrow evening.
   We ventured out and found a Mexican food restaurant called Rocco's Tacos.  It was good.
   After dinner, we walked around for a bit, checking out the area.
   The next day we just lounged around our hotel room until 1:00, when we checked out and called UBER to take us to JFK Airport.  Our flight out wasn't until 8:40 but we had no othe5 place we wanted to see.
   We got home about midnight.  We had an amazing trip but it was good to come home.  

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